Sitter Scenarios are a sitter's guide to everything STLS! Whether it be how to handle a last minute cover request, what to do if mom is running late and you have class, or anything else that would be helpful for all sitters, new & old! Read and search through Sitter Scenarios and submit your own!



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Submission Guidelines & Rules

  • Provide us with any details or questions you have regarding a sit, policy, protocol, etc. 

  • We will not release family specific details, so if your question or tip is only applicable to that family, please submit that information in your member feedback form!

  • If your question or scenario is urgent - contact us directly via phone or email!

  • Be respectful of our members, staff, and sitters when submitting scenarios.

  • If a staff member finds that your scenario will not assist other sitters, is disrespectful, or inappropriate, they may choose to decline posting the scenario submission.