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Casual Care


Used most by families who need a date night sitter, or help for a specific day. 

Think doctor appointments, last minute needs, etc.
With this feature, families enter the time and date that care is needed, and are able to select their first choice of a sitter from sitters who have marked their schedules as available. 

Schedule in as little as a few hours, or up to 60 days in advance.
Parents can browse through sitter profiles, and choose someone who they think will be the best fit for their children. If the first choice sitter declines, our managers step in, review your request details, and work to match you with the next best option! This way, parents don't have to worry about re-selecting, or logging in to attempt another booking. 

Remember - we do the leg work for you in ensuring quality providers, each & every time!
Along the way, members receive email notifications letting them know of the status of their booking. Scheduling fees are non-refundable, however in the event that we are not able to provide a sitter, we do credit your fee, back into your account!

Credit & balance history can be viewed in the Balances tab, of your member account.

What it looks like on our platform...


What to expect from our team.....


Our sitters respond to member's requests the same day they are received. Appointment fees are based on the amount of notice given, and are required for each appointment.

> 48 Hours = $10.00

< 48 Hours = $25.00


Requests on our platform are not guaranteed until confirmation notifications are received. If our team is unable to accommodate 

your request, we will notify you via email, and will refund the scheduling fee.


Our system generates automatic notifications to alert you of the status of your appointments. Members can request a time change or cancellation  from the member account, which immediately notifies oour staff and sitters

Sitter Arrival

Expect your sitter to arrive on time, and prepared to jump in! The more information you can provide your sitter during the booking process, via the appointment details, the more successful the appointment will be!

What If ...

If your provider experiences an emergency or conflict, our team will step in to communicate and offer alternate solutions. We pride ourselves on providing reliability and accountability for each and every family in our community.

Member Account

Members are required to manage the oversight of their online account. If at any time you need assistance, our team is on standby (nearly 24/7!) to help. Please see our Contact page for office hours & contact information.

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