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Our Community

Our Community

The Swailes Family

At first I was a little worried how the kids would take a stranger being in the house- without prior knowledge of who they are and or meeting them. Your sitters deserve a shoutout! Our most recent provider arrived early, for her and I to discuss the evening prior to the kids coming home from school. All of my worries were put to ease as I watched her interact with the kids prior to me leaving for work. I look forward to having her around for future sitting times!

 The Swailes Family 

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We are honest, experienced, easy going, and judgement free.
St. Louis Moms & Dads have us on speed dial, you should too!

Sierra M

As a college student, our schedules change all the time. STL Sitter has really helped know I have secured income, regardless of my college schedule changes. [STL Sitter] has also given me incredible opportunities to help with more unique care, as I now assist with an elderly woman, from 7pm-7am.

 Sierra M 

Our Vibe
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To support  families and providers. To provide optimistic solutions, from a diverse team, to ensure quality care and supportive service.

The Lowder Family

My husband and I work from home, and we requested a Consistent Care sitter so that Eve could have someone help throughout the day with online schooling. Ella was one of Eve's favorite sitters because she was put forth effort to teach Eve her math, to participate in her virtual gym class, go on walks, make lunches, etc. She really put forth the effort to become friends with my kiddo and that felt so good knowing she was having fun - you can tell that these sitters are really well vetted, trained, and incredibly intuitive.

 The Lowder Family 

Our Mission

At STL Sitter, we find it paramount to foster relationships only with those who engage in kind, respectful, and productive conversation. We choose to do business only with those who see this as equally important. This applies to our sitters, families, and staff.

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our member agreement

Member Agreement

To support to families and providers. To provide optimistic solutions, from a diverse team, to ensure quality care and supportive service.

our member guide

To ensure we are able to meet your family's expectations! 

Member Guide
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