Frequently asked questions


What happens if my first choice sitter declines my request?

If your first choice declines, our office will step in to choose a sitter who can confirm your request as quickly as possible! You will receive email confirmation as soon as your sitter is secured and be able to view their profile at any time to read more about them. Sitters are allowed a limited number of declines per month, and use them for various reasons. We understand it is frustrating to select a sitter and be assigned someone else. But our goal is to ensure that each one of your requests is confirmed in a reasonable time frame, with a provider who is comfortable and confident in all of the details you have requested.

Can I choose a sitter for my appointment?

Yes! Once you click on Make and Appointment and enter the date and time you are looking for coverage a list of available sitters will pop up. You can see the name, photo, and profile of each available sitter before selecting someone you think will be a good fit for your family. Keep in mind though, your first choice may not be able to confrim. In that case, our team will match you with a provider!

Can I meet and interview my sitter before my appointment?

If you are scheduling through casual care, No. We complete all of the leg work for you! Our sitters work with many families each week and are not able to accommodate extra interviews before one-time babysitting appointments.If you are scheduling through consistent care, YES! You will have the option for a complimentary VIDEO meet and greet.

Can I text or call my sitter prior to the appointment?

Per our Terms and Conditions, all communication outside of a scheduled sit is strictly prohibited. If you have any details that need to get to your sitter, just email, text, or call our office and we will ensure they receive them promptly! However, if you need to reach your sitter to give her details regarding the appointment, his/her phone number will appear one hour before your confirmed appointment! Check the appointment details.

How long will it take to receive a confirmation for my request?

We cannot guarantee a specific timeline for every request, but we work as quickly as we can. Our sitters are required to respond to requests each evening by 10pm. If no response is received it is likely that our team is working on it behind the scenes. Our after hours managers will reach out to provide status updates as they become available. After your request has been submitted, nothing more is needed from the member! A confirmation email will be sent as soon as your provider confirms online. If an appointment is 14 days+ away, providers are allowed a window of 24-36 hours after the initial request to ensure they are able to commit to the appointment.

What is the timeline for my confirmation after I have submitted a request when there were no providers available?

If sitters are not listed as available when scheduling your requested time, it is likely that we are currently sold out. If you complete scheduling + payment, our office will be alerted and assign a sitter as soon as they become available.Our staff works to fill these requests in the order they are received, and will notify you as soon as there is an update. If you prefer to cancel the request due to alternate care being found, you may do so at any time, in your member portal and our team will be happy to issue a refund.

Our family really enjoyed our previous sitter, but they are not showing up as available when I go to book. Is there any way to see if they are available?

Yes! Our sitters love returning to client's homes and will always do their best to accommodate your requests if their schedules allow. If you go to book and a specific sitter is not showing available, you can bypass choosing a sitter altogether, and you will see a text box appear where you can enter your preferred sitter. Our team will check with her first, before making a match!Our sitters are allowed the flexibility of making their own schedules, so sometimes they will be blocked off unless they receive a specific request.

Can the sitter transport my children?

STLSitters are happy to transport your children wherever they need to go! All sitters on staff have clean driving records and drive their own insured vehicles. We have also listed the make of the vehicle and the number of car seats available. Be sure to provide detailed instruction regarding car seat or booster seat installation. Note, there is an additional fee included whenever a sitter has a child in his/her vehicle of 0.58 cents/mile!

Can I change the time of a confirmed appointment?

YES! Time change requests can be submitted via your online client account at no extra charge. These requests will go directly to your sitter to confirm or decline quickly based on their availability.If your sitter has to decline your time change request, the original appointment time will still be confirmed. If your sitter is not able to accommodate your request and you would like us to work on securing another provider for the new times, please contact our office!

What happens if my child is sick?

STL Sitter cannot dispatch a sitter to provide care if your child has Strep, Pink eye, Hand Foot and Mouth, or the Flu + Covid 19. If your child has any other conditions (ear infection, low-grade fever, virus, teething etc) your sitter can still arrive as scheduled, but please provide advanced notice to our office, in case additional accommodations are needed. Note: If you are required to cancel the appointment due to one of the illnesses above, normal cancellation rates apply. *Complimentary cancellations outside of three hours. Within three hours, the FAO to your provider will be required in order to cancel. Sitters charge an additional $1/hour for sick children

Can my sitter help clean my house or do my laundry?

Sitters are paid for childcare services only. Sitters are expected to clean up all childcare-related messes made during the appointment, but are not able to accommodate any additional cleaning, vacuuming, laundry etc.

Is the membership fee refundable?

Upon registering, members will opt into a yearly subscribtion that will charge the card on file. Prior to renewal, members will receive three email notifications, (to the registration email) prompting members to manage their account, and to cancel the membership, should they not wish to renew for an additional calendar year. Once renewed, memberships are non-refunadble.

Can I get a refund for my scheudeling fees?

Refunds are only applied when we are unable to provide a sitter for the requested time.

Can my memerbshiip be terminated?

Yes, according to our member aggreements, accounts can be terminated. Members who disregard our company policies will be at risk.

What happens if I dont know the exact end time of my requested appointment?

Please use our complimentary wiggle room feature. This notifies the provider that the exact end time is to be determined. While there is no additional cost to use this feature when booking, families are required to pay their sitters for the time they have been present in their home.


As a member, do I have to pay a fee each time I book a sitter?

Yes! A non-refundable scheduling fee is paid online, via credit card, each time you submit an appointment request; these fees are in place to compensate our staff for arranging your coverage. If we are not able to provide a confirmation, our team will credit your scheduling fee back into your account as a credit for future use.

As a member, how do I pay my sitter?

Sitters are paid at the time of departure directly from YOU, the member! Payment can be made via cash, check, or Venmo!

Do I have to pay my sitter for the ENTIRE time I have scheduled online?

Yes! Sitters are owed full compensation for the time they are booked--even if you come home early. But! We have built a feature for situations where families are not exactly sure what time they will return home, and it’s called WIGGLE ROOM!

What is wiggle room, and does it cost extra?

Wiggle room is for appointments that don't have a definitive end time. We require our members to pay sitters for the time they have scheduled online. But if you are unsure of that time, you can select the option for 15minutes-2 hours of wiggle room. WHen using this feature, families can arrive home anytime within that window, and ONLY pay for the time used.
Example: You schedule a date night sitter from 6pm to 9pm and select 1 hour of wiggle room. You can arrive home anytime between 9pm and 10, and pay accordingly.

Do clients typically tip their sitters?

Tipping is never required, but always appreciated! If you enjoyed your sitter and they met your expectations, adding a tip helps to incentivize them to return!

Are fees refundable?

Transactions on our platfrom are always non-refundable.


What happens if I need to cancel one of my confirmed appointments?

All cancellations should be completed in the online member account. Cancellations do not incur an additional charge if they occur more than three hours before a confirmed appointment. (However the scheduling fee is always non-refundable). Members who chose to cancel within 3 hours of the appointment start time will owe the full amount of the confirmed appointment time. Cancellation fees are paid online, via credit card, and sent to your sitter for the inconvenience via STLSITTER.

Can I cancel a pending request?

Yes! Members are able to cancel pending & confirmed appointments, at any time, in their online account.

"I need to change the time of my confrimed appointment, can I do that?"

If your appointment is confrimed, visit your online account and submit a time change request free of charge! Note: You cannot change the DATE of the appointment, and there is a chance your provider will not be available to accomodate this change. If you need assistance with finding a new provider, our team is happy to help! *Scheduling fees are non-refundable and non transferable.


What is Consistent Care?

This method of scheduling (available 24/7 in all member accounts) allows families to pre schedule appointments for the upcoming 6, 7, or 8-week period. The appointments do not have to be weekly or consistent, but typically the more consistent the schedule is, the more consistent coverage we can provide. Consistent Care Registrations are offered on a rolling basis; we take care requests at any time of the year, with whichever start date they prefer, as long as 2 weeks notice is given. *Note that we do have high volume during April/May as well as July/August. Wait times may vary depending on time of year.

What if I need care before the required two week wait time?

Our team can try to expedite requests, but we cannot ever promise a match! If you need your request to start early, note the specifics in the details section of your request. Our team is able to add the dates to your request and do our best to speed up the process! If you are flexible with your coverage, you can also schedule the immediate dates through casual care, and wait for your Consistent Care match to be made.

“I only need a sitter 1 day/week, can I still register for Consistent Care?”

Yes! If consistency is important to you, and you want concierge assistance, you can schedule any request through Consistent Care.

“I have questions about the logistics of Consistent care, who do I need to speak with?”

Anyone on our team can answer general questions about consistent care, for specifics as to speak with our Consistent Care coordinator! We can provide a calendly link to schedule the call so that our team can give you our undivided attention.

What if my Consistent Care sitter is sick or needs to request off for travel etc?

We require our sitters to list any conflicts they have prior to being matched with your family. However, circumstances arise that are out of their control. In the event that your sitter is sick or has a family emergency we require them to notify our management team who can make arrangements for a substitute sitter, or provide a refund for that day(s) scheduling fee.

Can I still get a consistent sitter even if I don't have a consistent schedule?

We can always try! Generally the more complex the schedule, the more providers that are required to fill the request.

Do you have any sitters that are available for a year-long placement?

No, unfortunately we cannot make long term care arrangements due to the nature of our providers changing schedules. However, when a member submits their request, they can make a note about the potential for staying on for multiple 6-8 week increments.

Can I  continue with my current Consistent Care sitter for an additional 6-8 weeks after my care request ends?

Yes! If the provider's schedule allows, we always encourage them to continue with their current families. In the event that you keep your sitter for an additional round, we waive the $30 logistics fee. (Just ask us for a code, or pay for it when registering and ask for a credit/refund and we are happy to accommodate).

What can I expect once I have submitted my registration?

You can expect communication from our team within 24 hours of submitting your request. A manager will review it, and be able to give you an idea of the timeline. For a general guideline, visit our Consistent Care page!

Once I submit Consistent Care registration, is sitter coverage guaranteed?

No, unfortunately we are not able to ever “guarantee” coverage, although we do take great pride in exhausting every effort to help each family who makes a request.

Can I request a sitter I have worked with in previous semesters?

Yes! During the registration process there is a box specifically dedicated to requesting a specific provider. We pride ourselves on provider retention, and always work to support them in ways that allow them to work with us for as long as possible!

Can I meet the sitter I am matched with before the first day of care?

Yes! This is part of the process for Consistent Care. Once we have made a match, we will send a proposal listing the specifics of each appointment, along with a link to the provider's profile. After you have reviewed the details, and given us the ok, we will arrange a 1.complimentary video meet and greet OR a paid, in person appointment! Whichever you prefer!

Do I have any options if my sitter does not "click" with my kiddos after the session has begun?

We always stand behind quality. If you have specific concerns, please call our office and speak with a manager! We are happy to work through the situation to find a solution!

Do all policies for payment, cancellation, and communication apply to families with Consistent Care sitters?

YES! Payment, cancellation and communication policies remain the same regardless of booking method.

Can your sitters transport my children? What about car seats?

Yes! Each sitter has a clean driving record, along with the make/model and number of available seats in their vehicle, listed on their profile. We encourage families to assist with the installation of car seats initially, to ensure proper use. Remember that our providers don't use car seats in their everyday life, so a refresher on best practice is always helpful to get them started!

What happens if I need to cancel one of my Consistent Care appointments.

We require members to manage ALL appointments from their online account! Cancellation is available 24/7 just like regular appointments.

I found alternate care after I submitted my program registration; can I cancel my request?

Yes! We won't be offended! You can cancel anytime in your online account by going to the Consistent Care Requests tab, and clicking cancel this request. At this point in the process, the $30 logistics fee is non refundable.

What if I have changes to my schedule after my appointments have been confirmed with my sitter(s)?

Unfortunately after your request has been finalized, we are not able to add additional appointments to a completed request. However, if your provider is able to accommodate the changes we can schedule through casual care, or through a NEW Consistent Care request.

How much does Consistent Care cost?

The only price difference that occurs with Consistent Care is an additional $30 logistics fee. When registering your request, you will see a green pop up box that calculates your estimated total, should the proposal be confrimed exactly as requested without any additions or omissions.

What is included in the Proposal?

The proposal includes the list of dates and times you entered, along with the sitter(s) who are available, and clickable link to their profile. Families can then decide to move forward with a meet and greet, or reject the proposal to start over!

What is the best way to speak with someone regarding my request?

Once you have submitted your request, our managers will begin to message you directly on our platfrom to ask clarifying questions, give estimated times for matching, and provide updates. There is no need to check in with us regarding the status of your request, once submitted. Our team will reach out with details as soon as we have them!


How do I apply?

Applications are available 24/7 at Stlsitter.com and we cannot wait to meet you! Once an application is received, our hiring managers will be in touch within 72 hours!

How do I get paid?

Our sitters are always paid directly by our clients, at the time of departure. (Cash, Venmo, Paypal, Check etc) We set the rate to $15 flat fee, and tips are welcome!

Do I get to set my own rates?

No! We set the rates for you!

Are there requirements for my schedule?

We require each sitter to be available for 4 shifts per month, with the exception of seasonal sitters who are attending college out of state and returning home for breaks!

Do I get compensated if a client cancels their appointment?

Sitters are paid the Full amount owed (FOA) for Cancellations that happen within three hours of a confirmed start time!

Do I get paid for providing transportation to children?

Yes! There is an additional mileage fee of 58c per mile, whenever a child is in your vehicle. Sitters are not paid for transportation to and from an appointment.

How does scheduling work?

We provide an online training module to walk you through the process, but all of our scheduling is done online, to make it quick and easy!

When can I contact the office managers?

Our managers are available to assist and support you every step of the way. We can be reached via phone, email or text! After hours, our team is available for urgent or emergent situations.

What are the requirements to be a STL Sitter?

Our providers must be 18+, Have access to their own reliable transportation, have a clean driving record, and background check. Become CPR certified, and have excellent references.

How soon after I apply can I start sitting?

This largely depends on how long it takes to access the above documents^! We can get you through our interview and training process fairly quickly!

I attend an out-of-state school, but I am home for Summer and Winter break. Can I still be a STL Sitter?

Yes, and we would love to have you fill in for our team as they travel home! You will be considered a Seasonal Sitter, and will be exempt from hours requirements. All other rules apply

Will I always sit for a new family each time I am booked?

It just depends! If you are taking appointments through Casual Care, you could work with a handful of families, or a different family each time. If you prefer to work with 1-2 families you can sign up for a COnsistent Care request!


Can I request a sitter who is vaccinated for COVID 19?

Yes, we ask all members to list their vacination preference in the house rules section of their member account. Status should convey, Vaccinated sitters ONLY or First available. Refunds will not be issued for members who do not provide their preference in advance.

Can I force my sitter to show proof of vaccination?

In order for sitters to advertise as vaccinated on our platfrom, we require them to provide us with proof of innoculation. Our team keeps these on file. Simliar to our policy regarding background checks, cpr certifiation, and driving records, we do not require our sitters to provide proof to members upon arrival, we have already done that for you!

Do you provide nanny placements?

No! Unfortunately we are not able to accomodate full time requests.

What happens if my confrimed sitter has an unexpected conflict or emergency?

We require our sitters to communicate with our management team if they are unable to fulfill their commitment to an appointment. Our team will exhaust every effort to provide a replacement sitter, or work to find alternative options.

What documents are required of your sitters?

Each sitter undergoes a face to face interivew, and provides personal references. Our team then runs a background and driving record check. Our sitters comple CPR certification and provide us with vaccination documentation. Once hired, they participate in a complimentary and on going training program, and are overseen by our management team 24/7/365.