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Consistent Care



STL Sitter's unique & innovative Consistent Care process allows members and sitters to be matched in a convenient, efficient, and effective timeline.

This scheduling method solves the problem for families who need consistency, outside of a fulltime care provider, and allows families to request ALL of their child care needs for the upcoming 6-8 week timeline.

Schedules can include recurring weekly dates, along with random dates scattered in, to accommodate any family's unique schedule.

(Example: Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am to 1pm.
Two Thursday date nights, a Saturday wedding, and a Friday Doctors appointment)

This method aligns perfectly with our student-sitters who are working with a constantly changing university schedule. 

Once the schedule is inputted onto our platform, our management team works alongside our providers to match you with the least number of providers available, to cover all of your dates.

This is our most popular scheduling feature, allowing parents to have control over the specific parameters of their match!

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What it looks like on our platform...

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Important Notes Regarding Consistent Care Requests -

Upon review of each Consistent Care request, our team will notify members who submit requests that are not likely to be filled, based on current sitter availability + waitlist capacity.

While all STL Sitter fees are normally non-refundable, members will receive a refund for their $30 Logistics fee, in these circumstances. Members may then choose to utillize our Casual Care scheduling feature, or secure alternate arrangements.

Please note, STL Sitter does not offer full time care, or nanny services. We often have difficulty filling full-day requests, specifically for 3+ days/week, as the majority of our sitters are college students - many having fluctuating & limited schedules.

We are always happy to work to find a match for any requested needs, but like to be transparent regarding our scope of services!

Families who include details about their expectations, and provide a sample schedule of appointments, are often matched much more quickly!

Be sure to specifics (ex: daily routine, driving needs, etc.) along with any preferences you may have (ex: sitters with special needs experience, vaccination status, etc.), when completing your Consistent Care request.

What you can expect with our process...



Login to your member account to submit a Consistent Care request. Each request requires a $30 Logistics Fee, at the time of submission.

All requests require a start date of 2+ weeks advance notice (from the date of registration) and a duration of 6, 7, or 8 weeks. The STL Sitter office works on requests in the order in which they are received; and will provide a Care Proposal as soon as a match has been secured. 



The appointments do not have to be weekly or consistent, but typically the more consistent the schedule is, the more consistent coverage we can provide.

You will enter all the dates & times you are looking for coverage during your request; and you will also have the ability to add any additional details on each day.



Once submitted, our team will review your request, and determine if we will be a good fit for your family's needs.

If approved, we will move your request into the Matching & Assigning phase. Now is when sitters will be able to see your full request, ask questions, and sign up! The STL Sitter Team always recommends submitting Consistent Care requests well in advance, to allow for a smooth matching process.



Once your Care Proposal has been sent, it will be viewable in your online account. The proposal will include a full breakdown of the appointments we are able to cover (with the least # of sitters), your potential sitter(s) profile, and options on how to proceed.

All Consistent Care requests also include the option to schedule a complimentary Meet & Greet video call, prior to confirming or declining care, to ensure all is a good fit!



Once you have reviewed your Care Proposal, and would like to move forward, your Scheduling Fee payment will be due.


As with any STLS requests, a $10 Scheduling Fee is charged, per appointment. We will not charge for any sit that coverage was not attained, and only for those a sitter is guaranteed. This payment is due before the first day of care.
Payment is due immediately upon proposal acceptance.



Now that your request is approved, payment is complete, and sitter(s) confirmed - you are all set! 
Members + Providers should see the appointments listed in their accounts.

You can now anticipate our team reaching out at a midway point to check in, and ask if you would like to extend/resubmit your request for another 6, 7, or 8 weeks. Your provider(s) will then have the option to continue on with you, and/or your request is re-posted to our team.

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