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#5 Can Babysitting Go on a Resume? | Maximizing Your Resume: Showcasing Babysitting Experience

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When fine-tuning your resume, you might ponder whether to include babysitting experience. Though often casual work, babysitting brings significant skills valuable to employers.

We're here to guide you through the process of highlighting your childcare expertise on your resume effectively.'s Insight on Babysitting Resumes

Aspiring babysitters and seasoned child caregivers alike often turn to, a renowned online learning platform, for guidance in shaping their professional path. The site offers a variety of courses and insights into how to leverage everyday experiences into employable skills.

Deepti Sharma, a certified career coach featured on, offers expert advice on how to translate the practical skills gained from babysitting—like responsibility, time management, and adaptability—into compelling resume content. Here’s why Deepti and consider babysitting experience a valuable addition to your professional portfolio:

Babysitting teaches you about leading with empathy, multitasking under pressure, and improvising solutions to unexpected challenges—skills that are incredibly valuable in any professional setting," explains Deepti Sharma. She underscores the importance of recognizing the depth of these experiences:

"These aren't just tasks; they are experiences that shape character and work ethic."

Sharma continues, “Highlighting your babysitting roles on your resume tells potential employers that you are resourceful, dependable, and capable of adapting to diverse work environments.

Missouri Babysitting Preparedness Class: A Leg Up

The Missouri Babysitting Preparedness Class offers more than essential childcare skills; it's a pathway to professional growth for Missouri sitters. This nationally recognized course enhances resumes by providing comprehensive training online—making it a perfect fit for busy schedules.

It covers everything from first aid to effective communication, culminating in a certification that showcases a sitter's commitment and expertise. Affordable and accessible, it’s an indispensable tool for sitters aiming to stand out in the competitive field of childcare.

STLSITTER's Take on Professional Development:

At STLSITTER, we're not just about connecting babysitters with families; we're about building careers. Our SmartSitter training, spotlighted by trusted sources like Ladue News, goes beyond the basics, blending safety protocols with soft skills that carry you forward in life, not just in babysitting.

Why Our 'Smart⚡Sitter' Training Makes a Difference:

  • Depth of Knowledge: From first aid to effective communication, our training endorsed by SmartSitter's comprehensive platform covers more than the typical babysitting course, preparing you for real-world scenarios and enhancing your employability.

  • Dedicated Support: Unlike any other, we provide a dedicated dashboard for document and certification management, helping you keep track of your professional growth.

  • Continuous Learning: Through modules on various child care topics, we ensure that our sitters are always at the forefront of childcare knowledge, setting you apart in the job market.

  • Accessible Anywhere: Our SmartSitter x STLSITTER Provider Training is online, making it easily accessible for busy students or those juggling multiple jobs. Learn and grow on your schedule.

As highlighted in our recent coverage in Ladue News, STLSITTER sitters are renowned for their reliability and quality, backed by solid training and a support system that's always just a click away.

Whether it's the critical skills that keep children safe or the interpersonal skills that build trust with parents, our training offerings provide more than just credentials—they offer the key to a resilient, adaptable career path. Because here, we believe in nurturing the whole sitter, equipping you for every babysitting opportunity and beyond.'s View on Babysitting Roles:, a leader in career advice, recognizes babysitting as a multifaceted role with a wealth of transferable skills. They recommend when listing babysitting on a resume, focus on tasks that highlight:

  • Multitasking and adaptability

  • Educational support, from homework help to creative play

  • Household management, like scheduling and meal prep

This approach showcases a babysitter's ability to handle various responsibilities and their readiness to step into diverse professional settings.

How to Incorporate Babysitting on Your Resume:

  • Detail Your Experience: Organize your babysitting roles by dates and responsibilities. Present it professionally under an "Experience" section, just like any other job.

  • Tailor Your Title: Reflect your role accurately, whether as a Babysitter or Nanny, and ensure it resonates with the job you're seeking.

  • Highlight Your Skills: Clearly outline the skills honed during your babysitting duties, particularly those transferable to the job you want.

Section of Resume

Details to Include

Examples and Phrases

Job Title

Reflect the professional nature of the role.

  • Certified Child Care Provider

  • Private Nanny for Multiple Families

  • After-School Childcare Coordinator


List key responsibilities, prioritizing those that show skills relevant to the job you’re applying for.

  • Orchestrated daily educational activities aligning with early childhood curriculum standards.

  • Prepared healthy meals adhering to dietary restrictions.

  • Implemented bilingual story-time to enhance language development.

  • Facilitated a structured after-school program enhancing academic performance.

  • Managed and scheduled children’s recreational and educational activities.

  • Implemented behavioral strategies in line with parents' recommendations.

Skills Developed

Highlight skills gained that are transferable to other jobs.

  • Enhanced multitasking skills by balancing care for multiple children.

  • Strengthened interpersonal communication with diverse family dynamics.

  • Adapted communication style to effectively engage with pre-teens.

  • Developed creative problem-solving techniques during unexpected challenges.

  • Managed household tasks efficiently while maintaining a nurturing environment.


Note any significant contributions or recognitions.

  • Created a reward-based system that improved behavioral issues.

  • Designed a summer learning program that advanced math skills.

  • Successfully transitioned toddler into a regular sleep routine.

  • Coordinated a community playgroup to enhance social skills.

  • Initiated a weekly science project day, boosting interest in STEM.


List any relevant certifications you might have.

  • Red Cross Certified Babysitter

  • Certified in Pediatric First Aid/CPR

  • Water Safety Certified

  • Completed Advanced Childcare Training with the American Red Cross.

  • Nutrition and Health in Child Care Certification.

  • Behavior Management Workshop Certification.

Key Qualities for Describing Babysitters:

When it comes to defining your babysitting experience on your resume, Zety suggests emphasizing qualities such as:

  • Reliability

  • Communication skills

  • Initiative

  • Problem-solving

  • Creativity

Incorporating these characteristics into your resume will frame your babysitting role as a comprehensive professional experience. Adding babysitting to your resume can be a significant advantage. It reflects a breadth of skills and a commitment to responsible work. Just remember to tailor it to fit the narrative of your professional journey and the specific role you’re applying for.

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