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STL Sitter Provider Agreement

As a small business, we are unable to provide refunds to those who are uninformed on the services we provide, and the fees applicable.

We choose to work with families & providers who are respectful and conscientious regarding the logistics of our operation, that includes the management of over 500+ quality providers and staff members.

After activation, Providers are required to manage their online account; and abide by the terms of the agreement, signed upon submission of an application, while using our platform. 

 A user's account is subject to termination at any time, due to breach of the user's legal contract, signed at the time of a member's registration / sitter's activation.

Reasons for termination include, but are not limited to: Inappropriate communications with our team that are rude or condescending; having unrealistic expectations of our staff that go outside our scope of listed services & procedures; communicating with our providers or members outside of appointments; failure to uphold our payment procedures & policies; and/or inability to meet STL Sitter safety + sanitization standards.

Provider Legal
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